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The WABE Fall Institute was an opportunity to gather with fellow educators through in-depth training and discussion around OCDE Project GLAD(R) and SPED in bilingual education. Almost 200 educators from around the state participated in this wonderful event.

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Featured Speakers

Friday Morning: Steve Gill started his career as a school psychologist in a district with a large ELL population. Over the years, he completed graduate work in ELL studies, eventually creating the ELL Critical Data Process. Steve and Ushani (Steve’s wife and co-author) have authored three books. The first book, The ELL Critical Data Process, is a resource for learning professionals for determining whether more interventions are needed or if a special education referral is a reasonable option. Their second book, Evaluating ELL Students for the Possibility of Special Education Qualification went into print in September of 2015, and focuses on the special education evaluation process for language learners and how to potentially achieve appropriate identification rates. Their third book, Special Education Referral or Not, follows a similar method of gathering and analyzing data through a team discussion process that is step-by-step.

Saturday Morning: Gisela Ernst-Slavit is an expert in the areas of ESL and teacher preparation for multilingual/multicultural settings. She is coauthor of Access to Academics: Planning Instruction for K-12 Classrooms with ELLs (Pearson), TESOL’s PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards, and From Theory to Practice: Implementing the PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards (TESOL). She is a Professor of Education and ESL at Washington State University Vancouver. Dr. Ernst-Slavit has presented her work throughout the United States, Peru, Japan, Spain, Pakistan, The Netherlands, Thailand. She is a native of Peru.