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How to Become a Member

Your membership will enable WABE to continue to offer a continually improving annual conference, full of engaging, nationally known presenters, our own local experts and entertainment, and…you! We invite top researchers and presenters in all areas of bilingual education, and encourage innovative teachers and others from our state to share their work as well. At the WABE conference, you will mingle with experts, old and new friends, and maybe even get out on the dance floor!

In addition, WABE is now offering regional workshops in instructional topics that have relevance to bilingual and ELL teachers and their students. This year we are launching this program with all-day writing workshops for teachers of bilingual students.

Membership to WABE is included in your registration fee for the Annual Conference. Alternatively, you can join WABE now for just $40, receive notification of all upcoming events, and get a discount on all WABE events. Membership expires the day before the Annual Conference regardless of when you join.

Click the button below to sign up for WABE annual membership. Thank you for your interest in Washington’s multilingual students.
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