Clock Hour Information

The number of clock hours offered at the 2020 WABE Annual Conference will be available soon.

During the Conference:

  • Sign-in each day at the Clock Hour table. Separate sign-in sheets will be available for the Thursday school visits and pre-conference.
  • Pick up a Conference Planning Sheet. This will include your on-line access code to claim hours after the conference.
  • Track the sessions you attend on the Conference Planning Sheet. (Be sure to keep this form.)

After the Conference:

  • Go to the WAESOL website at and click on the Clock Hours tab. Proceed to the 2020 WABE Conference link or 2020 WABE Pre-Conference link. You must submit for the pre-conference with Savannah Flakes separately from the Annual Conference.
  • Use the access code received at the conference to access the payment and registration system.
    • Fill out the online form and submit.
    • Pay online (PayPal or credit card) for the number of clock hours you are requesting.
  • WAESOL will verify attendance through the daily sign-in sheets.
  • Once verified, official Signed Clock Hour Forms will be mailed to you.

Upon Receipt of Official Clock Hour Form:

  • Sign and date the form.
  • Make a copy to retain for your records.
  • Forward the form to your district HR department according to their procedures. Procedures vary from district to district, so please check with your district regarding their specific process.

Clock Hour Questions

Questions can be directed to WAESOL’s administrative assistant, Jessie Moore at