WABE Annual Conference COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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How will my 2020 Annual Conference transfer?
Your 2020 Annual Conference registration will transfer straight across. A three day registration for a three day registration, a two day registration for a two day registration, etc.

I registered for a school visit or pre-conference for the Annual Conference, how will that transfer?
If you select the Fall Conference: A pre-conference or school visit registration will be applied to a school visit in the Wenatchee area.

If you select the Winter Institute: A pre-conference will transfer to the rescheduled Thomas and Collier pre-conference. A school visit registration will transfer to a school visit in the Seattle area.

I want to change my registration type for the Fall or Winter event. (i.e. from a three day to a two day, a single day to a three day, etc.)
We will send you a confirmation message once we have transferred your registration, respond to this message with any change requests.

I want to cancel my registration and receive a refund if my registration was already paid for.
Of course, there is an option to request a refund minus a $75 processing fee if your registration has already been paid for. This will either be returned to the credit card used for the original payment or your district will receive a check. Please bear with us as much of this is a manual process for our small team!

What about my hotel reservation?
Hotel reservations made through the official WABE blocks at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue or Hilton Garden Inn have been cancelled. If the person who made your reservation does not receive a cancellation confirmation, please contact your hotel.

The event couldn’t take place, why do we still have to pay a processing fee?
WABE has two exciting events to transfer your registration to at no additional cost, so we highly recommend doing that. The processing fee is an attempt to help cover Annual Conference expenses that were spent on 2020 and cannot be refunded to WABE.


What if I registered multiple people under one email address?
An email will be sent for each registration. If multiple people are registered using the same email address, that email address will receive a separate email with an attendee-specific link for each one.

I received multiple emails but did not register multiple people.
Sometimes wires get crossed and a person is registered twice, please fill out the form using the link in each email.

I am the group contact and want to respond for my entire group.
Send the WABE Registrar an email with the names of each attendee and their selection. This response will be prioritized over any individual response.

What if I don’t fill out the transfer or refund request form by May 31?
We will gratefully apply any paid registration fees to 2020 Annual Conference expenses.

I emailed my cancellations but still received an email.
No cancellations made by email were processed after March 13, 2020. Please fill out the form you received via email.

I know I registered but didn’t get the email to transfer or cancel my registration.
Email the WABE Registrar.


I want to send coffee to the people processing all of these changes.
Thanks! *Chugs 4th cup* Starbucks gift cards can be sent to . . . Just kidding, of course! But we appreciate your patience as our small team works through everything.