WABE Annual Conference and COVID-19


We have made the decision, in partnership with the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, to postpone the 2020 WABE Annual Conference. Our keynote speakers and breakout presenters are being invited to join us at one of our upcoming events. Our next two Institutes will become Mini-Conferences with breakouts from the 2020 Annual Conference along with keynote presenters.

Registered attendees for the 2020 Annual Conference will need to transfer their registration to one of three options by May 30: 

  • Transfer my registration to the expanded WABE Fall Institute (Oct 15-17, 2020) 
  • Transfer my registration to the WABE Dual Language Winter Institute (Jan 28-30, 2021) 
  • Process my refund, minus the $75 processing fee

Each registered attendee will receive an email containing a link to make their selection. This link is specific to a single registration and cannot be forwarded or used to modify a different registration.

Hotel reservations made through the official WABE blocks at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue or Hilton Garden Inn have been cancelled. If the person who made your reservation does not receive a cancellation confirmation, please contact your hotel.

For additional questions, please visit the WABE COVID-19 FAQs page.

The expanded Fall Institute can host up to 500 participants at the Wenatchee Convention Center. It will include a school visit on October 15 and a full schedule of keynotes with breakout sessions (up to 7 at a time) on October 16 & 17. We hope to use many of the breakout sessions from the 2020 Annual Conference lineup (depending on presenter availability).

The 2021 WABE Dual Language Winter Institute will include our 2020 keynote speakers Dr. Wayne Thomas & Dr. Virginia Collier on Friday, plus their 4 hour pre-conference session on Dual Language Foundations and Development will be held Thursday. We have been able to expand the meeting space we have at the SeaTac DoubleTree and will be able to host up to 700 participants. We will be adding another keynote presenter and hope to be including many Dual Language breakouts from the 2020 Annual Conference breakout lineup (based on presenter availability).

Thank you for your partnership with WABE and we look forward to serving you in the future!


Thank you for your patience as we work with many partners regarding the feasibility of hosting the 2020 WABE Annual Conference. With school districts no longer in session during our conference dates, we are pursuing options for conference cancellation with the venue.

We will have more information on Monday detailing the decision and options for refunds or transferring your registration to the Fall or Winter Institutes.

Thank you for your involvement with WABE and we look forward to serving you through many other events in the future!

Stay healthy and we will have more information next week.


As many of you know, Governor Inslee has restricted public events due to concerns about COVID-19. At this time, the restriction is in effect through March.

The WABE Annual Conference, April 23 – 25, is still planned as scheduled and has not yet been affected by state or federal proclamations. We are monitoring the situation closely and appreciate your patience and understanding as we all navigate this challenging time.

WABE understands how uncertain this time is, and to honor their commitment to both the safety and continuing education of our members, has extended the conference cancellation deadline to April 3, 2020.

Any changes will be announced on the WABE website, via email, and on the WABE Facebook page.

Thank you for supporting and partnering with WABE. 


Your WABE Board and Annual Conference planning staff wanted to address the current situation with COVID-19. New developments related to the virus are announced daily and we share your concern about the situation.

The WABE Annual Conference is set to proceed as scheduled, April 23 – 25 at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue. There are less than 300 attendee registrations left and we are very excited for the incredible keynotes, speakers, and exhibitors we have lined up!

We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to evaluate based on all safety recommendations. Any changes will be announced here, via email, and on the WABE Facebook page