Presentation Guide

Bring Your Good Ideas

WABE encourages you to present your great ideas and best practices at the Annual Conference. If you are new to presenting, or just want a few new tricks, we have prepared this guide to help.

The Annual Conference has 75 minute breakout sessions. You can opt to do two back-to-back sessions if you have a longer hands-on workshop.

General Guidelines

  1. Your presentation should be based on peer-reviewed research or your own practice in your classroom, school or district that has fostered achievement for English learners.
  2. Open with a “hook”, an activity that will get the attention of the crowd. It doesn’t have to be a joke, but it should be engaging and connect the people to your topic. Often a turn-and-talk about what people already know about the topic is useful, and sets the ground.
  3. Have some kind of a handout. It doesn’t have to be your whole PowerPoint; just enough to cover your main points and provide a place to take notes.
  4. State the objectives. Tell people why they are there.
  5. Give some information, then let people process – talk with their neighbors.
  6. Give some more information, then have a hands-on activity or some movement. People will remember the information if they have a memorable EXPERIENCE.
  7. Close with a ticket out or some other way for people to review for themselves what they learned.

If you are using PowerPoint, here is some good information to keep it simple and effective.

Enjoy the show, even if it is your own show. Especially because it is!