• Special Education and ELL Special Interest Group

The WABE Special Education and ELL Special Interest Group’s mission is to support, expand and advocate for the appropriate identification, evaluation and instruction for ELL students of concern.

All are welcome to attend the SIG meetings and bring questions and resources to share.


I would like to extend an invitation to people who are interested in revitalizing this SIG.  We have had many great people who are interested in connecting and finding ways to support our work with dually served students around the state.  If you are interested in a leadership role in this SIG or in any level of involvement, please send me an email at tracihaddad@evergreenps.org and we will get a meeting set up.




Chair: Traci Haddad

WABE Board Representative: Carrie Sorensen

Meeting Minutes

Our recent meetings have been conducted following professional development opportunities and the main purpose has been to share a survey in order to understand what people were interested in working on and/or learning about.  If you would be interested in completing this survey, please download the attached document and email it back to Traci Haddad at traci.haddad@evergreenps.org.  I will be compiling and sharing this information on the site by the end of July.

Click here for a downloadable version of the survey.

Governance of ELL & Special Education
DOJ/DOE Memorandum January 7, 2015

ALTELLA Resources — Alternate English Learning Language Assessment Project. Many resources for identifying and serving EL students with cognitive disabilities.

Interventions for English Learners – Dr. Julie Esparza Brown
RTI for ELLs
Language Proficiency Continuum
The PLUSS Model – Sanford, Brown & Turner
The PLUSS Framework – chart

DatesWABE Annual Conference 2019: STEAMing Ahead!
April 25th – April 2th, 2019 in Bellevue, WA

Please join me for the SIG meeting at 4:15 on Friday!  The location is still TBD and so keep an eye out on the Conference App for updated information.  See you there!