The Wide World of Language: Reaching Beyond
Language is a big deal in Washington. Students in our schools speak over 225 different languages, and all are learning English though a variety of methods. A growing number are also learning academics in their first language as well as English. One size does not fit all, although there are ever-advancing practices in each of the “sizes”. This year’s WABE Annual Conference will address many methods of language instruction for many varieties of learning environments. Our keynote speakers will start the conversation each day: Dr. Margarita Calderón has researched and written many practical books with ideas for sheltered instruction. Drs. Virginia Collier and Wayne Thomas have done groundbreaking research on dual language programs and continue to work in districts here in Washington. Dr. Pedro Noguera is a nationally known speaker and author on equity and access for underrepresented populations, issues that also affect our English learners.

As always, we will have plenty of entertainment, networking and learning opportunities. Come to Bellevue April 23-25 and meet Washington’s best educators, including you and your colleagues!


  • Four amazing featured speakers: Drs. Virginia Collier and Wayne Thomas, Dr. Pedro Noguera and Dr. Margarita Calderón
  • Over 80 breakout sessions attended by 1150 bilingual/multicultural educators and leaders from Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Texas!
  • Networking with amazing exhibitors and sponsors.

What We Do:

The Washington Association for Bilingual Education promotes bilingual/multicultural education throughout the state of Washington in every possible way, at all educational and legislative levels, and among all groups.

Our charge is to increase educational opportunities for all children whose background suggests bilingual/multicultural education is the more appropriate and effective type of program for them. Because of our increasingly global community and the inherent advantages of bilingualism and multicultural awareness, we also seek to promote such programs for all populations.