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Clock Hours

For questions related to clock hours, please contact WAESOL’s administrative assistant, Jessie Moore at

During the Annual Conference
– Sign-in each day at the clock hour table.
– Pick up a Conference Planning Sheet. This will include your online access code to claim hours after the Conference.
– Track the sessions you attend on the Conference Planning Sheet. Be sure to keep this form.

After the Annual Conference
– Go to the WAESOL website at and click on the Clock Hour tab. Proceed to the 2024 WABE Annual Conference link.
– Use the access code received at the Conference to access the payment and registration system.
– Fill out the online form and submit.
– Pay online for the number of clock hours you are requesting. ($3 per clock hour)
– WAESOL will verify attendance through the daily sign-in sheets.
– Once verified, an official signed clock hour form will be emailed to you within three weeks.