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WABE Executive Board

Angela González


Traci Haddad


Jeanne-Marie Wright


2022-2023 WABE Regional Representatives

NW Region
Seat One: Adina Thea
Seat Two: Jill Klune

SW Region
Seat One: Camille Empey
Seat Two: Karen Wilson

OSPI Ex-Officio Liason
Dr. Kristin Percy Calaff

NE Region
Seat One: Jenny Ahn
Seat Two: Alberto Granados

SE Region
Seat One: Chelsea Brannock
Seat Two: Dr. Rob Darling

Seat One Representatives are elected during odd numbered years, while Seat Two Representatives are elected during even numbered years. Unless otherwise noted, an officer’s term of office will be two years. The term of office begins on July 1 of the elected year. Nominations will be announced no later than two weeks before the Annual Conference and again at the Annual Conference.  Officers will serve until the conclusion of their term of office, at which point they will turn over their responsibilities to the newly elected officers.